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December 9, 2008


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B&W wonders...

:thumb88768144: the garden of exile by bl-b whisky and strawberry II by mehmeturgut Watching Kayla by PerryGallagher no title 50 by ABrito border by zehrapekel :thumb62853149: :thumb96525238: :thumb85906924: The Steps by vahid-naziri Dream Maker by Zan61 Hunting the Tirpitz by Zan61 a curve by tomasNY mystical Abu Dhabi by almiller Master of Weather by Hart-Worx Uttakleiv by pheelfresh :thumb102586251: Laurissilva by RicardoGomes hidden Mt Blanc by bacchuspirit Quairang, Isle of Skye by Alex37
:thumb84490266: :thumb79329209: Faith Alone by SilverSidhe no title 44 by ABrito big black baby I by sunquyman bones. cages. time. by j4d3 Karoline_02 by hellwoman Tail of a winer by tomislav-moze Lost In The Twilight by littlemewhatever Hospitale by Feebrile Telegrafbukta revisited by BoholmPhotography FOLLOW MY DREAMS by EdwinMartinez The Lighthouse by tobyedwards White Sands VI by markroutt cannock chase3 by fightwarnotwars29 :thumb27943079: Teacher by Anuk  
justify my love by Eliara I'll follow you into the dark by miamiam JUMP by toko Others by fotouczniak :thumb88952301: You see I've finally woken by dcamacho wind by dechobek the shepherd by VaggelisFragiadakis :thumb99229862: f f by gnato Landscape with naked by photoport
:thumb102728994: :thumb103855227: :thumb92461678: Silence Speaks by IgNgRez :thumb89854126: c o l d p l a y by nilgunkara Let me fly.. by Fairystories .: esila :. by GokhanKaraag Vanishing Point by AndyMumford Tool for fishing by correiae Iceland 28 by lonelywolf2 A e g e a n . . by SerdarAKIN Beach, Rocks and Water II by pheelfresh sudut bali_6 by pistonbroke Iceland 24 by lonelywolf2 Rimini ::4 by MisterKey Seconds Under Rain by soulofautumn87 Pena's palace : Study III by pedroinacio Coast King II by NicolasEvariste unruly woods by grevys Drops...V by denis2 4 Pedras by too-much4you Laspi Rocks IV by leenik Prayer for nothing. by ilsilenzio Wind by GeorgeHarrison The stream of consciousness by Katta80 126-1 by acukur The people of the trees by etchepare 94 by acukur Quiet Moment by xavierrey Big Fish by zepiaf A Moment Of Stillness by WiciaQ the gate by SevimDalan i will be great by EbruSidar Entrada by RoadioArts Swamp Things Series III by Pixydream :thumb103475626: I_I by mikzn equilibrium by m-lucia Send Me An Angel II by Pixydream Kinderdijk...VI by denis2 the vines by VaggelisFragiadakis The End Of The Story by soulofautumn87 :thumb75640318: Low-Relief Bird by weremagnus Sendiri... by onealz No.3 by novakovsky Way To Fall by acukur Hidden Dragon by Chaerul-Umam


Color wonders ...

Friendship by tracieteephotography :thumb87934560: slip into your skin. by BrainWaves :thumb78132202: meliphagidae by nikosalpha Anathema by ElifKarakoc Winter by rosiehardy little kitesurfer by tomislav-moze Hidden Behind a Smile by AcutePhotography Me cuesta tanto olvidarte by josemanchado :thumb89827473: :thumb99804689: one and only friend . . . II by mehmeturgut New ID by iKate Sea Girl by dancingperfect Vueling con Calatrava by pintosevich deniz yilmaz III by mehmeturgut Close to my heart by annikenhannevik In the cold light of morning by FurtiveLungs Holding All by P0RG She, Diva by LoganX78 Smell it by Stridsberg ohai by addictedImage The fashion in movement 2 by ChristineAmat Beauty II by IvAngel My Gift by Anyry Cruelty - the net by josemanchado follow me home by vizualeyez Storm Above by vizualeyez Lull by xxPaperflowersxx changes by Katarinka Roane - netting by tmronin immense by Lady-Twiglet moment to fleeting to remember by Never-let-me-go :thumb75331906: Bodygraphia 08 - 3 by piksBG Fearless by Katzilla13 Watch it by Alon-O VERTIGO 2 by almiller On the way to heaven by TheSittingDuck February Updated by AndyMumford The Leaving Day by jaydigital Mountain Mushroom by leocbrito Fisherman by Rykardo above the clouds by almiller :thumb51572934: procreation by werol Urbanity by mrcool256 Our Yellow Star by tonyelieh multiple dials by sassaputzin Paradise Bay 04 by pheelfresh Valentine heart by Finvara Shadow of the day by tomaskaspar _ agitated. by adeadrockstar c i r c l e  I I by fludish Myriam - red fabric jump by josemanchado ice dragon by Argent47 Underpass II by Evilien Startrails10 by MatthiasHaltenhof Nugget Point Lighthouse by saxtim Clouds and stripes by Osiris81 Tvatusennittioatta by antonjonsson tananger 02 by martinasdf wermadeofCARBON by JeanFan :thumb96907685: Feeling Small by theFouro Sailors Delight by antonjonsson K. by zemotion Ice Shelf by MarshallLipp Chloe - hidden treasure by josemanchado :thumb63085229: :thumb92076877: speed up by 5iM0N Portland HDR by Symphony-X My own peace of mind - HDR by equinoxe7 sei ruhig, bleib ruhig, mein.. by andreaspuhl Chant of limnades by skeev After the sun by Brettc :thumb89840971: A kiss by achfoo Nemesis by notbland Wild Water by AndreasResch Morning at Situ Gunung II by juhe Green Tunnel by Mgsblade red veined darter II by MartinAmm Shadows by MaciejKarcz Untitled by hougaard Champagne Serpentine by j-adree :thumb99831185: Molten by Alex37 Shadow of Chernobyl by RS-foto Revolving Tides by dzian Path of the Illuminati by dzian Paris :Cross Collateralization by svensson :thumb98167847: storm sunsets by arqhugo kaiten mokuba by sleurope Shadows of Eden II by Matthew-T Wood Air Water by 1uno Orange Splash_02 by sanlotsaints Cold Paradise by 1uno Clear Night Launch by luvbight :thumb104054987: thumb93195495: Golden Light by Lord-Dip :thumb87319148: The Magic Of November by pheelfresh Southwold Beach Sunrise 2. by Wayne4585 Hah, Try and focus Now by Neutron2K .The Island. by 1uno primitive heart by werol stonesthrow by puffinpunk Columbia River Gorge, by Brettc :thumb28825256: Me vs. the Pacific by jaydigital Memoria In Aeterna by rh89 Beneath the Fire 2 by hougaard Casevac by arkady001 Lindisfarne Sunset by alexwise I'll follow the sun by akhater Bass Harbor Head Light,Maine by Brettc night begins by SilviaAK :thumb105800804: Broken River by jjuuhhaa Quirlies lake... by vincentfavre Elgol twilight by ArwensGrace Maze Of Silence by salzari Quirlies water by vincentfavre S by vincentfavre Mont St Michel by Meowgli :thumb93113793: COLOR AND CONTRASTS by EdwinMartinez Portrait Noir by sifu Do You Belive? by Marinshe :thumb103971364: The Awakening by kwerfeldein p e a c e by islandtime :thumb83865225: Paradise Lost by albertopoloianez Decorative pair by photoport Precious Moment in Time by MarkGalbreath Remembrance by zemotion _red dress 03 by adeadrockstar it's cold outside by dcamacho Never the words by girltripped Leave this city. by CaitlinWorthington Liberation 2 by hakanphotography 178 - The front row by AusRock87 A new day dawns by Stridsberg Morning Bride by Stridsberg oh my god by zeligue Summer Sun by ElifKarakoc Fear and Loath in Las Vegas by rust2d :thumb89339493: Jean H - Shoot 03 by MickleDesignWerks feels like home.... by ang7m Tug War by Yannik 18 '04 by przemekbrzoskowski runaway "rider" bride by ang7m Calm Down by SachaKalis natures beauty... by widjita Have I lost Heaven by Anyry :thumb102587972: listen to the silence by islandtime bed of leaves by islandtime Aenux by PerryGallagher :thumb103127027: :thumb99774917: Chaitanya Rao 2008 - 7 by sharadhaksar tutti frutti - ii by glennprasetya Return In Winter by claudio88 just in case II by robinpika earth child... by almillerWar of The Colours_6 by piksBG White Goddess by widjita :thumb103962189: The Secret Wood by Marinshe Fisherman _contest_ by P0RG P o w e r f u l by widjita Shivers by ennil
Dunstanburgh 4 by newcastlemale  when she is not there... by technologyMan Island by RitterRunkel :thumb74352241: :thumb70474229: :thumb86113111: Jogja, A Kingdom Within by melintir 30 Seconds of Sunset Wallpaper by hougaard new horizons by almiller Nevermind Where Just Sail by tonyelieh :thumb78045960: Spirited Land by lucias-tears Mysteries Of The Pyramids by Sun-Seeker :thumb77515018: :thumb77802806: :thumb76251879: :thumb75722281: :thumb73190962: :thumb73753577: :thumb75151178: :thumb76351710: :thumb70143631: :thumb57440256: :thumb72891641:
:thumb96265416: :thumb94578590: :thumb83913998: :thumb95135129: :thumb96357187: :thumb96613767: :thumb96063024: :thumb95754701: :thumb96200137: :thumb89175702: :thumb92818562: :thumb71729197: :thumb92682315: :thumb83694881: :thumb90509189: :thumb61162681: :thumb92235053: :thumb93284190: :thumb100646790: :thumb100140183: :thumb99964033: :thumb98112562: :thumb56518555: :thumb98609662: :thumb99751854: :thumb99268870: :thumb97948750::thumb98451201: :thumb69670501: :thumb90809140: :thumb98104668: :thumb97649263: :thumb96092132: :thumb97781743: :thumb104157128: :thumb104180993: :thumb102294489: umb64858353: :thumb47040347: :thumb84141116: :thumb98425248: :thumb91026302: :thumb100879578: :thumb87222669: :thumb48534311: :thumb100710026: :thumb58690555: :thumb95288332: :thumb105799357: :thumb105843281: :thumb102855418: :thumb101982150: :thumb95809727: :thumb100459476: :thumb94145846: :thumb66475373: :thumb105273702: :thumb105167579: :thumb105248251: :thumb93602544: :thumb96912846: :thumb102426342: :thumb101998433: :thumb97021597: :thumb103167866: :thumb104610942: :thumb103553569: :thumb104667047: :thumb94324434:
:thumb87747216: :thumb78556397: :thumb80438921: :thumb77276023: :thumb69299081: :thumb73735396: :thumb72029480: :thumb73978879: :thumb73173570: :thumb76299578: :thumb71512544: :thumb96874452: :thumb91269700: :thumb62995627: :thumb75859817: :thumb88872758: :thumb93042534: :thumb95399928: :thumb71421613: :thumb93453245: :thumb46089137: :thumb94242256: :thumb78057600: :thumb88358938: :thumb93574554: :thumb84535250: :thumb90316852: :thumb91487362: :thumb67014802: :thumb90752623: :thumb86476976: :thumb90216514: :thumb90928237: :thumb79512880: :thumb86777205: :thumb100727422: :thumb91388155: :thumb100235718: :thumb96391482: :thumb91389220: :thumb32943229: :thumb84225862: :thumb96336453: :thumb96291099: :thumb97490320: :thumb104411918: :thumb104087175: :thumb101789283: :thumb103165116: :thumb85346121: :thumb101642784: :thumb97206996:
:thumb105169613: :thumb99370303: :thumb103075923: :thumb104476001: :thumb104871379: :thumb88057768: :thumb92419945: :thumb96099390: :thumb87960932: :thumb62910236: :thumb101104486: :thumb96370725: :thumb96224524:

Since this is a very big journal, why don´t you fav it, and come back later to see more of it... I´m certain you´ll find many new :+fav: ´s to give... don´t forget to show your support to these wonderful photographers.

Please note that these photos are from my fav list. The tittle says 2008 best photos but I know that there are so much more fantastic works out there. I wish I could see them all and show it you guys. Perhaps next year ;)
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pikku-ish Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Your collection is beautiful :) you have great taste of art ;)
and I can't believe that I have seen before only 3 of them ^^;
hugoafsilva Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
i just want to say thanks! for all the effort! for the energy spent in creating this wonderfull journal!

its a fav ;)
grevys Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2009
yes, some outstanding things there - and thanks for the inclusion!
loganthomas Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2009
Best Photography News Collection i've seen yet...
these pieces are amazing!!!
Inlion Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Student General Artist
Inspirujące :)! I love it :D!
markroutt Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2009
philip, thanks for adding one of my images to this incredible collection. from this i've found some new favorites!
to-tu Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009
Aaaaah great 2008!
marcinsrodek Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2009
GREAT work! very good selection :)
nachtgeschrei Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008
stunning collection!
Farvayon Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2008   Photographer
There're a lot of great photos among your list, so I decided to take some as favorites. Great job!
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